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Exchangeable Thermoblocks for Thermomixer comfort and ThermoStat plus, Eppendorf

The exchangeable thermoblock system for Thermomixer comfort and ThermoStat plus provides for easy temperature control for all common laboratory receptacles.

With exchangeable blocks for 0.2-0.5-1.5-2.0 ml vessels, 15 ml Falcons®, 50 ml Falcons®, as well as for PCR plates, vessels of 11 to 11.9 mm diameter and cryotubes, all applications can be accommodated. As an alternative exchangeable block to the Thermostat plus, the new Eppendorf CombiBox provides universal temperature control for flasks and beakers of heights of up to 60 mm.

  • Exchangeable blocks with contact protection (the outer walls are isolated to prevent direct contact with the heated sample block)
  • Exchangeable blocks for 24 reaction vessels 0.5 ml, 1.5 ml, or 2.0 ml. Each exchange block package includes an IsoTherm® Rack and an IsoTherm® Cool Pack for rapid cooling to 0°C in place of an ice bath.
  • Exchangeable block for PCR plates for all designs of well, including deep well plates. Accessories: Adapter plate to take 96 × 0.2 ml PCR tubes for the PCR plate exchangeable block
  • Exchangeable block for Head Space and other laboratory vessels of 11 to 11.9 mm diameter, height 30 to 76 mm
  • Exchangeable blocks for Falcon® vessels with deep wells for precision temperature control
  • Exchangeable block for cryotubes 1.5 to 2 ml
  • Exchangeable block for 1 to 4 slides


Order No.
Exchangeable block for 24 test tubes 0.5 ml46 69 53615
Exchangeable block for 24 test tubes 1.5 ml46 69 53601
Complete with rack and cool pack 0°C (IsoPack),
only ThermoStat plus
Exchangeable block for 24 test tubes 2.0 ml46 69 53629

Complete with rack and cool pack 0°C (IsoPack)

Exchangeable block with cover46 69 53632
For micro test plates and deepwell plates
Adapter plate for 96 × 0.2 ml PCR tube46 69 53639

As insert in exchangeable block for micro test plates

Exchangeable block for 8 Falcon® tubes 15 ml46 69 53663
Exchangeable block for 4 Falcon® tubes 50 ml46 69 53650
Exchangeable block for 1.5 – 2 ml cryo tubes46 69 53677
Exchangeable block for 4 Slides46 69 53680

For hybridizaton experiments

Exchangeable block CombiBox46 69 53527
For all tube types. Footprint 13.5 × 9.0 × 6.0 cm (W×D×H),
only ThermoStat plus