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8Articles like: Chromatography column 20 ml, Ø 10 x L 300 x stem Ø 8 mm, Por. 1, Robu®... details

Cell culture systems  Filter articles

3Articles like: VitraPOR porous glass beads ø 4,0 mm, Por. 2, 1 litre, Robu® VitraPOR porous... details

Conical rubber gaskets  Filter articles

4Articles like: Rubber sleeve 26 mm, for crucible 8 ml, Ø 26 x H 15 mm, Robu® Rubber sleeve... details 8Articles like: Conical rubber gasket for filter funnels, top Ø 22 x bottom Ø 12 mm, Robu®... details 3Articles like: Conical gaskets for funnel sizes 1-5, sets, Robu® Conical gaskets for funnel... details

Extraction thimbles  Filter articles

5Articles like: Filter thimble, with flange 38 mm, Ø 34 x H 60 mm 34 mm, Por. 0, Robu® Filter... details

Filter candles  Filter articles

28Articles like: Micro filter candle, blank, Ø 6 x H 15 x inside Ø 2, Por. 0, Robu® Micro... details 28Articles like: Micro filter candle Ø 6 x H 15, Por. 0, glass tube Ø 6 x tot. L 150 mm, Robu®... details 10Articles like: Filter candle, blank, conical Ø 25 x H 65 x inside Ø 17,5 mm, Por. 0, Robu®... details 15Articles like: Filter candle, conical Ø 25 x H 65, Por. 0, tube Ø 13 x tot. L 210 mm, Robu®... details 10Articles like: Filter candle, blank, cyl. Ø 35 x H 70 x inside Ø 27 mm, Por. 0, Robu® Filter... details 10Articles like: Filter candle, cyl. Ø 34 x H 70, Por. 0, tube dia 17 x tot. L 230 mm, Robu®... details

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Filtering crucibles  Filter articles

Gas distribution tubes  Filter articles

Gas washing bottles  Filter articles

Immersion filters  Filter articles

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Slit-sieve discs  Filter articles

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