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Aspirator HDPE with stopcock connection 15000 ml, Ø 240 x H 465 mm Aspirator... details

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2Articles like: Bottle carrier for 6 bottles, red plastic Bottle carrier for 6 bottles, red... details

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8Articles like: Reagent bottle, PP, narrow neck, with PE stopper NS 14/23, 100 ml Reagent... details 10Articles like: Bucket in PP, volume = 1.2 litre, Ø top x Ø bottom x H = 132 x 105 x 131... details 3Articles like: Heavy duty bucket in LDPE with graduation and spout, 9 L  Heavy duty bucket... details Bucket in HDPE, volume = 5 litre, Ø top x Ø bottom x H = 210 x 160 x 240... details 4Articles like: Rectangular bucket 3 L, tamper evident lid, PP, top Ø 243 x bottom Ø 168 x H... details

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Economy jerrycan HDPE, 5 L, 130 x 175 x H 270, mouth 34 mm, colour: natural... details 3Articles like: Jerrycan 1 litre, HDPE, L x B x H = 69 x 118 x 183 mm, mouth = 22 mm Jerrycan... details 6Articles like: Jerrycan 5 litre, HDPE, L x W x H = 120 x 225 x 280 mm, mouth = 44 mm... details 2Articles like: Jerrycans with stopcock 10 litre, HDPE, self sealing cap, 150 x 250 x H 360... details 5Articles like: Jerrycans 5 litre, HDPE, DIN 51 tamper evident screw cap, 163 x 187 x H 236... details 5Articles like: Jerrycans 5 litre, HDPE, DIN 51 tamper evident screw cap, 163 x 187 x H 236... details 3Articles like: Jerrycan, HDPE, natural, complete with screw cap, GL 28, 1000 ml Jerrycan,... details

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