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Industry Leading Designs: Sartorius Minisart®Syringe Filters

Sartorius Minisart®Syringe Filters

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Sartorius Minisart®Syringe Filters NML Plus sterile GF + CA
Minisart® NML Plus sterile GF + CA

Industry Leading Designs
for all your Syringe Filter Needs!

Your benefits:

  • Biggest effective filtration area of 6.2 cm2
  • High total throughput
  • Superior flow rate
  • Gamma irradiated, EO sterilized, or non-sterile
    and bulk packed
  • Many configurations available
Model PU Order Number
Minisart® NML Plus steril, GF, CA, 0.45 μm, 28 mm 50 267119121
Minisart® RC25, RC, 0.45 μm, 25 mm 50 101667765
Minisart® SRP15, PTFE, 0.45 μm,15 mm 50 101667559
Minisart® NML steril, CA, 0.45 μm, 28 mm 50 105557598
Minisart® High-Flow steril, PES, 0.45 μm, 28 mm 50 267119616