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Memmert constant climate chamber HPPeco, with new ADVANCED PELTIER TECHNOLOGY

NEW: Memmert constant climate chamber HPPeco

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NEW: Memmert constant climate chamber HPPeco

Maximum energy efficiency thanks to new

As a technology leader for Peltier laboratory equipment, Memmert sets new standards: perfectly coordinated systems and excellent efficiency make the Memmert constant climate chamber HPPeco second to none when it comes to energy efficiency and reliability. The high-precision control guarantees an absolutely homogenous and stable distribution of temperature and humidity, even given challenging parameters. These climate chambers are ideal for Q1A-compliant stability tests, durability tests in the field of pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics, as well as quality tests and humidity-controlled storage.

Article UM PU Order Number
Constant climate chamber HPP110eco 1 1 102609110
Constant climate chamber HPP260eco 1 1 102609260
Constant climate chamber HPP410eco 1 1 102609410
Constant climate chamber HPP750eco 1 1 102609750
Constant climate chamber HPP1060eco 1 1 102609106
Constant climate chamber HPP1400eco 1 1 102609140
Constant climate chamber HPP2200eco 1 1 102609220