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Diposable scoop with long handle by Bürkle

Sampling scoop
long handle, disposable

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For the highest standards in sampling
The sampling scoop can be used to take samples of powders, granulates and pastes. The long handle makes it possible to sample larger
containers even with little content or to reach through narrow openings.

With the straight bottom of the scoop, the medium can be scooped up directly from the bottom of the container.


  • PS, white
  • Individually packaged and
    optionally sterilised
  • Handle length 300 mm
  • For single use
  • Clean room manufactured
    (clean room class 7)
  • Complies with EU food requirements
    and FDA regulations
Article PU Pcs./Pack Order Number
Sampling scoop, long handle, 50 ml, PS, white, sterile 10 100455014
Sampling scoop, long handle, 50 ml, PS, white 10 100455013
Sampling scoop, long handle,100 ml, PS, white, sterile 10 100455118
Sampling scoop, long handle, 100 ml, PS, white 10 100455017