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Welch Vacuum Controll-Box VCB 601 - CV

Welch Vacuum Controll-Box
VCB 601 - CV

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The Welch Model Vacuum Controll-Box VCB 601 - CV measures and displays vacuum pressure both graphically and digitally. The vacuum pressure can be controlled from 1100-1 mbar (825 to 0.75 Torr). Controlling the pressure can be done in real-time.

In addition, a timed ramp function allowing raising & lowering pressure is built in for applications such as distillation and vacuum drying. Full flexibility and repeatability is achieved easily via a programmable mode with pressure over time defined by the user.

The durable, chemically resistant sensor is built into the vacuum Controll-Box VCB 601- CV is a ceramic thick film hybrid. The sensor reading is gas independent and gives an absolution pressure.

Welch Vacuum Controll-Box VCB 601 - CV


  • Precise vacuum control with timed ramp capability
  • Fully programmable modes to allow run repeatability
  • Intuitive ICON-navigation of control screens
  • Log files on all pump activities for easy trace back
  • High-Res display with dark and light screen modes


Article Order Number
Vacuum Controll-Box VCB 601 - CV 109246001