Lab material and scientific instruments.

At Glasatelier Saillart you will find a complete range of brand products at an attractive price!

Glass reactors, reaction vessels in glass, flange lids, synthesis setups

We supply your glass reactor to size or standard:

– glass reactor with flat flange with graduation on the inner wall
– reaction vessels with thermostatic connections of your choice
– flange covers with connections according to drawing, ST ground joints, Rodaviss, Rotulex
– double-walled vessels with baffles in the inner wall
– with certificate for use under pressure
– custom made flange covers type lab flange DURAN GROUP or Schott TECH flange
– from DN60 to DN450
– repairs of all brands of reaction vessels


Valves (valves) without dead volume:

– according to GMP
– with O-ring seal (Viton or perfluoroelastomer)
– pneumatic execution
– Pt 100 in the valve spindle
– special version for high vacuum
– DN10 to DN50


Volumes up to 100 L double-walled

– Triple wall for large reactors
– Delta T up to 100K (depending on the wall)

We build your synthesis setup and installations with racks, control equipment, stirrers, etc ….


Also in our product range:

– columns with packings,
– columns with sieve bottoms, rectifying columns
– extraction equipment
– thin film evaporators, falling film evaporators, rotating film evaporators
– controlled fraction dividers (reflux dividers)
– stirrer guids, mechanical seals, sliding ring seals: NEW now also for smaller ground joints!
– thermostats
– scrubbers
– customized stirrer motors, overhead stirrers, also for EX areas


We have our own production, in order to offer you an optimal service.

As a completion we also offer products from HWS and other manufacturers.

Ask our advice ! We will try to find a suitable solution for your application.

Request information or a tailor-made offer without obligation.

Download the complete PDF Lab-Reactor program here

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