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AE ADAM Semi-micro-, Analytical- and Precision Balances

Fig.1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3
  • SOLIS balances with high-resolution graphic display and intuitive features offer excellent value for money
  • Internal memory for up to 99 ingredients and many applications like check and percentage weighing, counting, formulation and density determination
  • Balances with internal or external calibration available
  • 3 years warranty
Models Capacity Readability Features Order Number
SAB 125i (Fig. 1) 62 g / 120 g 0.01 mg / 0,1 mg internal calibration 105650125
SAB 124i 120 g 0.0001 g internal calibration 105650126
SPB 363i (Fig. 2) 360 g 0.001 g internal calibration 105650363
STB 3200i (Fig. 3) 3200 g 0.001 g internal calibration 105653202