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Dosing Pump SIMDOS® 02 FEM1.02TT.18S PVDF

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Chemically-resistant Diaphragm Dosing Pump SIMDOS® 02 TT.18 S

- Flow rate 0.03 - 20 ml/min / Pressure head 60 mWg, suction head 2 mWg
- Pump heads available in your choice of PP, PVDF or PTFE - diaphragms available in PTFE, valves in FFKM
- Flow rate can be set manually (Version S)
- Additional safety diaphragm for maximum security
- Easy exchange of the transfer diaphragm by activating the maintenance command in the operating program

Technical data
Application Metering liquids
Flow rate (ml/min) with water at
20 °C and zero pressure head 0.03 - 20
Pressure head (mWg) 60
Suction head (mWg) 2
Connectors for tube (mm) ID1.6 / AD3.2
Permissible media and Ambient temperature
ambient temperature (°C) +5 to +40
Liquid temperature
+5 to +80
Weight (kg) 0.9
Dimensions W x H x D (mm) 93 x 144 x 150

Pump head PVDF
Diaphragm PTFE
Valves FFKM

Column fixture Order-No. 160474
Wall fixture Order-No. 160473
Foot switch for version RC
(RC = flow rate can bei set both
manually and via an external control device) Order-No. 155872
In-line filters FS 60 T PVDF Mesh opening 70 µm
Order-No. 165210
FS 60 X PEEK Mesh opening 35 µm
Order-No. 165212

Zubehör (optional): Schlauch (Material PTFE): 069684 Verschraubung für Schlauch 1,6x3,2mm: 150213 Druckhalteventil JFDV30FTZ: 166288