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Visual colour measurement / Lovibond® Comparator 2000 EBC (AF330)

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The Comparator System 2000 is based on a versatile 2-field visual comparator with optional illumination unit to ensure correct lighting conditions for colour grading and colorimetric analysis. Sample colour is visually matched in the comparator with graduated coloured glass filters in Lovibond® test discs.

The Lovibond® AF 330 is a special kit based on the Lovibond® Comparator 2000+ for visual colour grading according to the EBC (European Brewing Convention) colour scale over the range 2 - 27.
The colour is determined by matching the sample in a 25 mm optical glass cuvette with the pre-calibrated coloured glass filters.

The (AF330) EBC Scale 2000 Comparator package includes:

- Comparator 2000+ with daylight unit (EBC version).
- Disc for EBC (4/14A, 2-6)
- Disc for EBC (4/14B, 6-10)
- Disc for EBC (4/14C,10-18)
- Disc for EBC (4/14D,19-27)
-2 x flask W680/OG/25 mm

Optical glass cuvette W680/OG/25 W680/OG/25 Layer depth: 25 mm Cells W680 Cuvettes made of...