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SteriPlast Kit ? sterile sampling set, scoop + bag

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The sampling set SteriPlast® Kit consists of ten sample spatulas or ten sample scoops and ten SteriBag Premium tamper-proof sample bags.
Thus the SteriPlast® Kit is the ideal combination for sampling where purity and sterility is essential.
All parts are sterilised by gamma rays and suitable for use with foodstuffs.
The scoops or spatulas are clean room manufactured and individually packed. The sample bag SteriBag Premium has an integrated sealing and is liquid-tight. A unique tracking code on both the bag and the tear-off field guarantees complete documentation and traceability.
SteriPlast® Kit including scoop 50 ml or spatula 150 mm insertion depth, and SteriBag Premium 300 ml.

Scoop 50 ml & bag SteriBag Premium 300 ml

Spatula 150 mm insertion depth & bag SteriBag Premium 300 ml
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Asepsis: Yes